Crypticon 2017 schedule: SHRIEK, reading & paneling

Hello, lovers! If you’re coming to Crypticon Seattle, check me out, mainly on Saturday. They decided to have me read way late at 11 PM, probably because my story involves frat boys drinking each other’s *** and getting ****ed in the *** by Lovecraftian entities. Oh well. See you there! Full schedule below after the jump (or click the post title).


Witches in Horror
Saturday, Noon, Cascade 5 & 6

Scream Queens
Saturday, 2PM, Cascade 3 & 4

Gender and Transgender in Horror
Saturday, 5PM, Cascade 7

Queer Horror (Moderating)
Saturday, 10PM, Cascade 7

Reading: “Drinking Rituals of the Apollonian Dionysians” from The Book of Three Gates
Saturday, 11PM, Cascade 2


Horror Writing: Avoiding the Pitfalls (Moderating)
Sunday, Noon, Cascade 3

SHRIEK: A Women of Horror Film Class (screening and discussion):
SLEEPAWAY CAMP: Transphobia or Revenge Fantasy?
Sunday, 2PM, Evergreen room 1