An interview with Tales to Terrify

An interview with Tales to Terrify

Thanks so much to the crew at Tales to Terrify for interviewing me for the September 2020 newsletter! Behind the Veilwith Evan J. Peterson This month we glance into the thoughts of Evan J. Peterson, author of our recently published “Husband Suit” (episode 447). Join us as we chat with Evan about his story and the state of horror to come. “Husband Suit” is most certainly an original piece! Can you tell me a bit about where that story came from? This one came to me as an opening line. I usually start a story with one image, sentence, or idea. I was thinking a lot about Kelly Link’s style and how she can write devastating uncanny stories in very plain language. Thus: “Gavin married a monster.” And wherever the reader’s mind goes with that sentence (werewolves, spousal abuse, etc.), I wanted to take them somewhere far more alien.  Have you ever had your work adapted into audio before? Tell […]

Heck House

Heck House Originally published in The Queer South anthology, ed. Douglas Ray (Sibling Rivalry Press)             Morningstar Baptist Church is about as far to the east as you can drive down highway 90 and still be in Tallahassee. I’m in the car with Nathan who is one of the most widely read people I know, not to mention a former Satanist and recovering speed addict. He quit that life when it became too chaotic, close friends started ending up in jail, and his former roommate decapitated her own fiancée with a samurai sword during a bender. I’m utterly fascinated by him.             These days, Nate’s merely an atheist, the occult nothing more than an academic affection. For me, it’s quite different. I want to bend reality. I want to channel spirits—but I’m busy reading a book a week for grad school at Florida State and trying to find a boyfriend, so I’m not exactly a diligent occultist. Perhaps if Nathan […]

The PrEP Diaries is out!

Lovers! Thanks to all of you who pre-ordered The PrEP Diaries! The book has been arriving in mailboxes across the continent over the last few days, and May 1 is our official release date. Here are some options for ordering, followed by places to check out how the book is doing and what I’m up to: Order/Purchase: Lethe Press (Print or ebook. Support LGBT publishing!) Giovanni’s Room (one of the last brick and mortar LGBT bookstores) Amazon (for your convenience) Follow my sexy shenanigans: Instagram Facebook Twitter

Rejuvenate, Resurrect, Repopulate

Dear Loves, I’ve hand-waved away the old blog posts. The site is now undergoing a redesign in preparation to launch the new Evan J. Peterson: same great provocateur, now more focused and precise. Abundant thanks to the Clarion West writers workshop for accepting me and polishing me last year. My mentors, classmates, and admins turned me out. Not to mention my classmates and mentors at Florida State for what they gave me. Thanks as well to Morgan Kelley and the other photographers for helping me get my look together. Thanks to my new PR darling Kyle Ankney for helping me launch the new phase. And greatest thanks to my blood family, friend family, and my pantheon of patron spirits. Now, let’s make magic.