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“Evan’s outrageous on stage, of course, but is also a very kind, respectful and civilized person who has the literary chops to back up his style and delivery. Evan’s an extremely positive and vibrant part of the local writing scene.” ~Rauan Klassnik, HTMLGIANT, author of The Moon’s Jaw and Holy Land

“His style is so unique. He’s one of most interesting, creative and imaginative writers that our community has.” ~Bryan Borland, publisher & editor of Sibling Rivalry Press and Assaracus

Interviewed by:

Josh Galassi for Queerty about Drag Star!

Nicholas Yanes for Sequart about Drag Star!

Josh Galassi for Queerty about The PrEP Diaries

Jeffrey Robert for the Gay Uncle Time podcast about PrEP, writing, and gay stuff

Joshua Johnson for NPR show “1A”  (I join the conversation 12 minutes in)

Kristen Bahler for on changing healthcare climate and PrEP

That Guy Named John for About To Review podcast about Geek Girl Con 2016 and more (33m:46s – 54m:53s)

Ryan Demoss for Edmonds Community College reader series 

Rauan Klassnik for HTMLGIANT about lots of things

Bryan Edenfield at Babel/Salvage about The Midnight Channel

Eran Eads at Errant Poetry about The Midnight Channel (video interview with readings from the book)

Tom Mohrman at Wonder and Risk about Gay City 5: Ghosts in Gaslight, Monsters in Steam

Ibtihal Mahmood at La Coquette Levantine about Gay City 5: Ghosts in Gaslight, Monsters in Steam

Steve Barker at Ordinary Madness (audio + selections from Skin Job)

Ibtihal Mahmood at La Coquette Levantine about all the pleasures

Matty Byloos at Nailed (formerly Small Doggies)

“…Peterson plucks all the slashed and bloody moments and serves them up with finesse and without apology.  [The Midnight Channel] makes you want to go back and watch all these films again with Peterson’s book alongside…” ~CAConrad, author of The Book of Frank

“The triumph…over our predators is now brilliantly animated by Seattle-based poet Evan J. Peterson in The Midnight Channel, tales retold in which killer and victim perform their age-old dance in a biting, satiric frenzy, under which we hear all the jagged and disjunctive beats of the best contemporary poetry.” ~Kevin Killian, author of Argento Series

Reviews and praise:

Excerpt in The New York Times

The Midnight Channel reviewed on Out In Print

Skin Job reviewed on Culture Mob

Skin Job reviewed on Fanzine

#1 Crush at Poets Project

“Peterson’s poetry moves deftly between comedy and corpses with studied meditations, such that reading each poem feels like sitting next to a cinephiliac genius narrating his inner monologue as he watches each character’s life contort, twist, and end onscreen.” ~author Anthony Rella, in an Amazon review of The Midnight Channel

“Peterson’s shrewd sense of the macabre informs his work but never overpowers it. He’s always able to bring the grotesque imagery back to a safe spot to make his point—a valuable talent indeed.” ~Jerry Wheeler, Out In Print