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Pre-Order The PrEP Diaries today! My new book explores dating, hooking up, and living with the advent of Truvada PrEP, a revolutionary HIV medication that blocks transmission of the virus. This treatment is changing the social-sexual landscape not just for queer people but for everyone. With humor, naked honesty, and a bit of existential dread, the book compares growing up in the shadow of HIV/AIDS to the freedom, possibilities, and limitations of being sexually active after HIV is no longer a cause for concern.

Also in 2017: Great news! Minor Arcana Press has acquired the manuscript of The Midnight Channel from the original publisher, Babel Salvage Press. The two chapbooks are soon to be available packaged as a single volume. Stay tuned for purchasing details!

Skin Job Thumbnail
cover art by Rosamond Purcell
midnight channel cover
cover art and design by Marc Palm

Skin Job is now available from Minor Arcana Press.

Original copies of The Midnight Channel will soon go out of print. Contact Evan to direct-order. PayPal, Square, and checks accepted.

Hello Kitty Chainsaw is available from Elliott Bay Books and Open Books.

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Zines are currently available to read in these archives:

ZAPP, Seattle (Hello Kitty Chainsaw, Secular Exorcisms, The Ecstatic Tarot)

ABC No Rio, NYC (Hello Kitty Chainsaw, Secular Exorcisms)
from the acknowledgements page of Hello Kitty Chainsaw