The PrEP Diaries

book cover of the PrEP Diaries, featuring a mostly nude man in a sea of Truvada pills
The PrEP Diaries from Lethe Press. Photo by Laura Treadway

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My new book explores dating, hooking up, and living with the advent of Truvada PrEP, a revolutionary HIV medication that blocks transmission of the virus. This treatment is changing the social-sexual landscape not just for LGBTQ people but for everyone.

“[C]omically engrossing…” – Josh Galassi, Queerty

“Evan J. Peterson has a wonderful way with words. It’s well-written, engaging, and at times tremendously witty.” – William Holden, author of Secret Societies

“The growing use of PrEP heralds a mythic shift in the lives of millions of Americans, and here’s the valuable story of one of them. Evan J. Peterson’s The PrEP Diaries is a sweet, smart, open-hearted navigation of this promising and complicated new world.” – David Schmader, journalist and playwrite

Peterson’s (dark) humor and willingness to share moments that he may not be proud of help make this an accessible introduction to a complex but unquestionably important moment in our cultural relationship with HIV/AIDS.” – Forewords Reviews

[A] bold coming-of-age story about creating a queer sex life that matters…Evan J. Peterson helps us to imagine sexual splendor as a meticulously-crafted, kind and slutty, wild and loving path toward individual and communal possibility.” – Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, author of The End of San Francisco


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