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Student and mentee success stories and feedback:

“[redacted] just bought my story that started in Evan’s ‘Get Weird’ class!! This story is really special to me because I wrote and read a piece of it in Evan’s class and I thought it was too weird, but Evan encouraged me. I’m so glad he did! I am so thankful for you, for everything you do.” ~K, author

“Your love for writing and your dedication to inspiring and encouraging other writers to expand is so awesome. Every now and then I’ve encountered instructors who go beyond imparting information. In my evolution as a writer, you showed up ‘authentically cool’ with a sincere passion for teaching and that rare, magical fire that ignites confidence and courage in students.” ~Makini, author, poet, singer, and performance artist

“I want you to know how much I’ve gotten from your workshops. They’ve been a springboard for me to write in styles I wouldn’t have tried and with content I might otherwise never have accessed.” ~Lisa, now a multi-published poet

“Evan is an amazing, caring, honest, real, supportive-in-just-the-right-ways teacher. He skillfully led us through scary, difficult topics and themes.  I feel much better, and I feel that I am on my way to becoming less blocked and more free.” ~Mariah, blogger and Peace Corps volunteer

“Thank you for inspiring me to write; it kind of changed everything. I am going to transfer to UW for my BA in English and then on to law school so that I can become a social justice/public policy attorney (my passion!)” ~Elizabeth, now a Harvard- & Yale-published essayist