Skin Jobpublished 2012 by Minor Arcana Press

The Midnight Channel, published 2013 by Babel Salvage Press

Ghosts in Gaslight, Monsters in Steam: Gay City 5 (as editor), published 2013 by Minor Arcana Press w/ Gay City Health Project

Essays, Journalism, Nonfiction, & Criticism:

The Gayest Thing I’ve Ever Seen” at Queen Mob’s Tea House

PrEP: So Effective, It’s Unheard Of” at TheBody.com

The Case for PrEP, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love HIV-Positive Guys” in The Stranger

The Monster from Beyond Our World (of Literary Merit)” (formerly published at the Richard Hugo House website)

“T-Rex Doesn’t Wear Panties” in Sweet (nonfiction)

Occasional column, Intimate Monsters: The Poetry of Horror at Nailed (formerly Small Doggies) including more recent column on Kevin Killian’s Argento Series


Three Until Midnight: poems from The Midnight Channel at BabelSalvage.com

Four poems from The Midnight Channel at Wonder & Risk

“Ode to the Jellyfish” in Animal (poetry)

“Because of the Wonderful Things She Does,” commissioned by Bushwick Book Club for their Oz show at Folklife (poetry)

“Everything in Our Arsenal” & “As Yet Unused Marriage Proposal,” poetry created with Bushwick Book Club for their marriage equality show for Dan Savage’s The Commitment

Final Boy: R J MacReady, The Thing” in Eye to the Telescope (poetry)

“Five Films Reviewed by Dr. Frankenstein’s Creature” in Weird Tales (flash fiction / prose poetry)

“Box Office Poison” in blossombones (poetry)

“Hijab Girl: Not So Modest” (ekphrastic poem in response to deviantnorm’s photo of the same title, commissioned by Seattle Erotic Arts Festival [not safe for work])

Three poems in specs

Five poems in Nailed, formerly Small Doggies

Four poems in Eudaimonia

“The Piss Test Cathedral” in Entasis (poetry)

“Clay” in Qarrtsiluni (poetry)

Ten poems in Assaracus Issue 2

Interviews & Book Reviews:

Interviewing Clive Barker for The Southeast Review

Interviewing D. A. Powell for The Southeast Review

Interviewing Traci Brimhall for The Rumpus

Review of Stephen S. Mills’ He Do the Gay Man in Different Voices  (first printed in Cascadia Subduction Zone, page 16)

Review of Matthew Hittinger’s Narcissus Resists in The Rumpus

Review of Jon Macy’s Teleny & Camille in The Rumpus

Review of Douglas Kearney’s The Black Automaton in The Rumpus

Review of Susan Slaviero’s Cyborgia in The Rumpus

In Anthologies:

The Queer South, ed. by Douglas Ray (short nonfiction story: “Heck House”)

Drawn to Marvel: Poems from the Comic Books, ed. by Bryan D. Dietrich & Marta Ferguson (poems: “Supervillains,” “The Wunderkammer,” & “Desire. Endless.”)

Aim for the Head: An Anthology of Zombie Poetry, ed. by Rob “Ratpack Slim” Sturma (poem: “Rebirth is Always Painful”)

At Second Glance: Gay City Volume 4, ed. by Eric Andrews-Katz & Vincent Kovar (short story: “Pirate Games”)

Ganymede Unfinished, ed. by Bryan Borland and the late John Stahle (poems: “His Name is In Me” & “Frankenstein’s Breast”)