above: “Waltz in Red (for Carrie White)” commissioned by the Bushwick Book Club Seattle

Skin Job, my first poetry collection, is out of print but available from Amazon. Ditto my second chapbook, The Midnight Channel.

Kishotenketsu for Mars” on Seattle Review of Books

“Ode to the Jellyfish” in Animal

“Toy” (for and after Rimbaud) at Lambda Literary

“Because of the Wonderful Things She Does,” commissioned by Bushwick Book Club Seattle for their Oz show at Folklife (publication + live reading)

Everybody Needs A Buddy,” commissioned by Bushwick Book Club Seattle for their Brokeback Mountain show (publication + live reading)

Everything in Our Arsenal” & “As Yet Unused Marriage Proposal,” part of Bushwick Book Club Seattle’s marriage equality show for Dan Savage’s The Commitment (publication + live reading)

 “Desire. Endless” from Drawn to Marvel: Poems from the Comic Books, commissioned by Bushwick Book Club Seattle

Three Until Midnight: poems from The Midnight Channel from BabelSalvage.com/Glossolopolis

Four poems from The Midnight Channel at Wonder & Risk (retrieved through Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine)

“Blessings, or: The Monster’s Thanksgiving” from Skin Job and “Ode to Go” from Arcana: The Tarot Poetry Anthology at Wonder & Risk (retrieved using the IA Wayback Machine)

Five poems in Nailed

“The Piss Test Cathedral” in Entasis

Interviewing & Reviewing:

Interviewing Traci Brimhall for The Rumpus

Review of Kevin Killian’s Argendo Series in Nailed

Review of Matthew Hittinger’s Narcissus Resists in The Rumpus

Review of Douglas Kearney’s The Black Automaton in The Rumpus

Review of Susan Slaviero’s Cyborgia in The Rumpus